A private company expanding a diversified portfolio of mineral royalties.

Elemental provides investors with exposure to a royalty company building a diverse portfolio of mining royalties, benefiting from ongoing royalty revenue, future exploration upside and low operating costs.

Since early 2017 Elemental has assembled a portfolio of six royalties over seven commodities in five countries, five of which cover producing mines. Immediate cash-flow has enabled Elemental to limit dilutive fund-raisings to facilitate royalty acquisitions.

Elemental’s focus remains on securing royalties over advanced assets with established operators and credible counter-parties from a robust pipeline of potential royalty acquisitions across commodities and geographies.

Elemental’s current royalty portfolio contains producing and exploration-stage assets; is diversified by commodity, country and operator; and provides ongoing exposure to exploration success. Elemental is actively reviewing potential acquisitions of royalties at all stages of the development cycle; from early exploration through to existing production, with a view to further growing the portfolio.